the internet reimagined for kids and families

the internet reimagined for kids and families

the internet reimagined for kids and families

we fixed the internet for kids

Let a reimagined internet unleash the full potential of your child, giving them access to all the safe resources online. Let them explore and develop their passions, while you have peace of mind. 

Try Hello Wonder, the AI Companion for families (free while in beta). Your child will grow and learn, and we’ll keep you in the loop on everything they search and see.

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have peace of mind

Wonder blocks dangerous sites, and provides only nutritious content, while you receive screenshots of your child’s activity, so you'll know they're safe.

deepen your connection

Ever wanted a window into your child’s interests and dreams? Learn what your child likes online so you never run out of dinner table topics! 

be together, even when apart

Close the miles with video chat while you and your child browse and play together. Send each other messages, discoveries, art creations, stories, and virtual hugs.

shape your child’s future

Guide Wonder with your unique family values and screen time boundaries. Instruct Wonder to support your child’s learning and behavior goals, and teach the healthy use of technology.


find the answers

Wonder never gets tired of answering questions. Where is the moon? Why do cats purr? Wonder knows everything the internet knows, and shares only the very best parts. And Wonder talks and listens, so if you don’t use a keyboard yet or prefer to chat, we got you!

play and have fun

Whatever your mood, Wonder is a fun companion with games, videos, books, podcasts, music and more to keep you entertained while mom and dad take care of business.

share your creative talent

Are you an artist, storyteller, or gifted at crafts? Wonder helps you find great projects and develop your talents, then share your creations with parents, relatives and friends. Your work deserves to be seen!

explore freely

Tired of mom and dad always worrying when you’re online? We’ll protect you from the bad stuff, and they’ll know you're safe. No more fights or worry!

Give your child all the advantages of the internet, the greatest educational resource the world has ever known - all in a personalized environment that blends security, entertainment, and learning. 

“There has never been a time with Wonder where I felt like anything was even questionable or like anything could have possibly come up that I would be concerned about. It feels completely safe.”

Desiree, Mom

"Wonder is very interactive and it feels like a buddy that you can just hang out with no matter what. It's always there for you."

Lucas, age 7

“It's helping my kids to use the internet in creative, productive ways instead of restricting it.”

Drew, Mom

“When he first started using Wonder we were all kind of blown away because, unlike other AI assistants, they have full-on conversations and my son never gets frustrated.”

Jason, Dad

“The friendly and helpful tone of Wonder's responses are lighthearted and playful. My granddaughter's conversation could have kept going on indefinitely!”

Tim, Grandfather

“When I’ve gone to search something online, it often doesn't give me a very good result. But with Wonder, you can almost guarantee an adaptive result.”

Emory, age 12


What is Wonder?

Wonder is an AI companion that makes the whole internet safe and nurturing for kids. It effectively filters out harmful content, making it a better way for children to independently experience the internet. Children can engage in conversations about their interests using simple language. Parents and guardians have the ability to customize content parameters to align with their goals and values. Additionally, parents and guardians can monitor their children's online activities in real time, receive notifications, and communicate with their children directly through Wonder.

Is it free?

During our Early Access Program, Hello Wonder is free of charge. In return, we ask that you take minutes each week to answer a few questions that will help us make Hello Wonder even more wonderful. Thank you!

What are the requirements?

You'll need at least one kid between the ages of 5 and 10, and a modern iPad (web and Android coming soon). iPad must be at least running iOS 16 and have an A9 processor.

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Requirements: iOS or iPadOS with A9 chip and iOS 16, or newer.
US phone number required for SMS activity monitoring.
International, Web and Android support coming soon.